Not so elementary: How to be Sherlock Holmes

Look around you.
What do you see?

Probably nothing that especially catches your attention:
trifling, insignificant things… Nothing out of the ordinary.
More of the same.


Now put yourself in Sherlock Holmes´s shoes. Holmes: a master of deduction, a most talented researcher, a pioneer of semiotics and the application of scientific methods in everyday life, a master of cryptography, forensic science and crime scene investigation, an expert in reading clues and even minds. Now, with all these skills, take any stranger. Try to deduce his profession, where he is going, what is on his mind, what his intentions are. Start to observe your surroundings in a new light. Discover meaning in everything. Do not trust your first impressions. It is time to decode the world around you.

In Not So Elementary  Daniel Tubau invites you to discover the secrets of Sherlock Holmes, to understand what lies behind his success and the methods which allow him to solve any  mystery and  to see what others are unable to.

Both fascinating challenging, this book is essential reading for anyone who wants to become a true Sherlock Holmes.

(Traducción de Helen Leathem)

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No tan elemental
Cómo ser Sherlock Holmes.
Daniel Tubau
A la venta en todo el mundo
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